Begoña Sevilla

7 Time Emmy Winner


¿Podemos amamantar a nuestros hijos en plena pandemia Covid 19?

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Person of the Week!

Gracias #alrojonews ! Gracias Rubèn !
For believing in me and published my story of success in the cover!!
Gracias por creer en mí y dar a conocer mi historia!

Personaje de la semana, WOW!!!

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Sabías que 💭 @salmahayek sigue los consejos de su abuela para el cuidado de su rostro?? Te cuento esto 💃 y más en mi artículo para #eldiariony ... #begosevillareporta #salmahayek #7timeemmywinner @univisionfamosos @univision @nbcutelemundo @peopleenespanol @USAHOLA

¿Quieres conocer los secretos de belleza de @iambeckyg ? new article para #eldiariony coming soon!!! #begosevillareporta #7timeemmywimmer #beckyg #rockstar ... #malasanta @univisionNY @Telemundo @peopleenespanol @NTelevisa_com

The CARES Act would deliver direct financial help. Senate Republicans want to put cash in Americans’ hands.

No tangled Washington process. No piles of forms... for laid-off workers or families to fill out.

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Dream it. Wish it. Get it.

TV Show Mas New York

Begona Sevilla is working on a new show for Telemundo with a wonderful production team in the heart of Manhattan. She will bring you the best restaurants, the most popular Spa in the city, fashion runways including Special New York Fashion Week, nightlife, cool interviews and best VIP events in the city never sleeps and a bunch of surprises!  Spanish and English! Coming soon!

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Eventbrite seminars on line ( te paso foto y descripcion)
Begona created her first seminar in the platform Event Brite to share her knowledge and empower other journalist. 
How can you get an Emmy? This is a very common question for me! If you wanna learn how to be successful as a TV journalist and hold and Emmy, come and join us! The first Seminar en Espanol para que aprendas los mejores tips de la Don't miss out!   

Youtube Channel @begosevillareporta

A different way to do journalism! Begona is working on creating a space to tell human stories, special reports but with a very different style. The 7 Time Emmy Winner Begona Sevilla says that she will bring a very fresh, dynamic, and promising reports! This is not TV this is YouTube!

Aviéntate Que La Vida Te Cacha – American Dream

Begona is writing her first book! This is something she really wanted to do because sharing is loving! She came to the USA five years ago with many dreams and she made it happen! Begona is 7 Time Emmy Winner and 10 Time Emmy nominee. You wanna know her secrets? Get the book! 


7 Emmy Awards ( chapters Natas Pacific South West and Capital Emmys) – reportajes de investigacion, mejor presentadora, mejor reportera, mejor cobertura en equipo,…
Premio nacional de Entravision- filial de Univision (por mi reportaje de investigacion: las carreras universitarias preferidas por los hispanos)
He sido juez durante tres anos para los Emmys both chapters
Co- Presentadora de Emmys Gala en San Diego – Pacific South West
Miembro de Emmys durante tres anos – both

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