I´ve asked to my close and best friends how I am. They have told me some qualities which draw my personality. They emphasize my freshness and that I’m easy-going, they also stand out my friendliness and creativity, they don’t forget my courage and perseverance to face new and ambitious challenges. Further than this, they think I´m very clever and they remark the energy I always have. What else? Responsible, disciplined and trusted.

“Be water, my friend”

After that I can only say that for me comradeship and teamwork are very important to me. Life shows me I need to be really flexible in any situation. You must learn every day, you should be updated… there is something new over the sun each day!

I´m a person who…loves her life, her grandmother, her parents, her sister and my future sons. I love freedom, traveling all over the world, being on the beach, surfing, a sunny day with music, a book, an amazing film, a good song, feel different, feel I´m still alive, an interesting conversation, a tasty orange juice, I love improvisation, magic, surprises and even more, being a journalist. This is what defines me.


They emphasize my intelligence, being passionate about everything I do. Responsible, well-behaved, loyal and trustworthy. I´m also loving and generous. “She gives everything and even more”


For me it´s a priority to encourage comradeship and teamwork. It´s better to work together, in this way we can go on with all our projects which we have in our hands.


Life shows me I must be so adaptable, very flexible to adapt in any situation. You should learn a bit each day and be updated!


A pinch of keenness, some grains of initiative and a lot of happiness are some of the ingredients which I always use to do my projects. You can never give up. You must be steadfast and persevering. You must be a fighter.


It´s very important for me to communicate, talk, discuss and transmit. It´s also important to know how to listen to someone, only in that case you´ll be able to speak about it. Think before speaking, please! Why do we have two ears and one mouth? For something, I think.


When I have bad days I try to smile and be friendly. I´m brave and I never lose my smile in spite of having a horrible day, doing something very far or living broadcasting no matter how difficult is it.


Sometimes, you know, the simplest things are the best, but you have to find new points of view about everything, It´s much better! I´m journalist, I want quality and even more a very quickly work!


It´s necessary to trust yourself and trust on whatever you do. Confidence to offer to others ,we are talking about being loyal, polite and respect everyone. Confidence to talk about something with anyone. Be Frank.

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