My name is Begoña Sevilla, I´m 30 years old and since I was a girl I wanted to be a journalist. I like being a journalist, I love being a journalist, it´s great telling stories about everything, stories about everybody, stories about something which you can´t imagine! Listen, conversate and discuss. Here you can see some of my works; videos, live broadcasting, stand up… where you´ll can notice my outstanding levels of enthusiasm and energy! I feel so good working as a journalist and of course it´s a vocational profession!


This is a very exciting journey for me! It´s like a rediscovering of myself. I´m very tenacious and plucky, a woman who never stops and always goes on telling news!!! I´m eager to continue telling stories!! I was always dreaming to become a journalist in my childhood and one day this dream become true, I couldn´t believe it! What can I say now? It has been a lot of years working hard, so many months living my passion, hundreds of amazing weeks, thousands of days enjoying of my dream, millions of seconds feeling, listening, living, breathing, crying, laughing, tasting, watching, trusting in this profession. First of all I want to say thank you to people who have always helped me, to people who have taught me several important things, being always by myself. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I also want to say something about my family, thank you for believing in me and my dreams. And for all those who have to come, you´re welcome. THANK YOU!!!!!

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Telecinco News

Sevilla & Bilbao. Reporter, “just journalism and nothing else”, the one from the street. Looking for, analizing and telling news. Never forgetting the view point.

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Antena 3 News

Sevilla. My longest experience in a national broadcasting media. Twuelve months full of challenges, live connections and video editing. Versatility, accuracy and responsibility.

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Spanish Public Radio and Television (RTVE)

Torrespaña,, TVE Central Information Services. One year Master. Learning about hot news, improvisation, writing, diction, prompter reading... Just TV as it is. And one final prize presenting a news program created by the students.

The world is not enough !

I was just 4 years old and I was already fascinated by TV. Sesame street was my favourite program, I really enjoyed with “Bert& Ernie”!. As a teenager “the grown-up stuffs” became important for me, I was devote of reporters telling stories from anywhere around the world! Peace & war countries, rich & poor, exotic & dangerous, magic & enigmatic, and the reality in many times overs the fiction.


Something was growing inside of me, something strange but wonderful and real... I discovered my vocation and millions of doubts about it. Could I became one of them?, Could I take a microphone to tell what I saw, I feel, I hear or I thought?, Could I be in front of a TV camera?, Would I be brave enough to tell those stories? I decided that this was my way... then and until now.


I´m whatever I've always dreamed being. I feel good because I know attitude is the real thing. Now just have a look at this webpage... It´s full of life, you´ll be surprised!

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Madrid. My second passion: Radio Broadcasting. I took the opportunity of a stop in my TV career to study and learn about this wonderful media. Both, TV and radio, different but fascinating.

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Toledo. This TV channel offered me a first experience in sports as programme manager. It was a very interesting experience and you can´t help loving it.

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Castilla-La Mancha Regional News Channel

Central information in Toledo. Daily in front of the camera for more than two years. They trusted in me for directing, producing and presenting a daily magazine. Thousands of hours or work but always full of encouragement and energy. .

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